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Student Life

VCHS Homecoming Maids 2018

  • Logan Babin
    Logan Babin
  • Karoline Calongne
    Karoline Calongne
  • Darian Cheramie
    Darian Cheramie
  • Kylie Domangue
    Kylie Domangue
  • Jazmine Ezell
    Jazmine Ezell
  • Leah Gaubert
    Leah Gaubert
  • Nancy Haydel
    Nancy Haydel
  • Annelise Henry
    Annelise Henry
  • Adriana Landry
    Adriana Landry
  • Leslie Masters
    Leslie Masters
  • Cassidy Nguyen
    Cassidy Nguyen
  • Sydney Schwab
    Sydney Schwab
  • Taylor Smith
    Taylor Smith

VCHS Homecoming Dukes 2018

  • Emile Armand
    Emile Armand
  • Josh Barker
    Josh Barker
  • Collin Barnes
    Collin Barnes
  • Reid Bourg
    Reid Bourg
  • Barry Breaux
    Barry Breaux
  • Jules Callais
    Jules Callais
  • Ross Carroll
    Ross Carroll
  • CJ Detillier
    CJ Detillier
  • Daniel Donovan
    Daniel Donovan
  • Max Doyle
    Max Doyle
  • Conner Hebert
    Conner Hebert
  • Corey Hebert
    Corey Hebert
  • Scott LeBoeuf
    Scott LeBoeuf
  • Timmy Maines
    Timmy Maines
  • Chyren McGuire
    Chyren McGuire
  • Brennan Patterson
    Brennan Patterson
  • Luke Rhodes
    Luke Rhodes
  • Drew Rios
    Drew Rios
  • Jacob Stoufflet
    Jacob Stoufflet
  • Cruz Theriot
    Cruz Theriot
  • John Trapp
    John Trapp
  • William Wade
    William Wade
  • Jules Weaver
    Jules Weaver
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